May 16, 2014

Happy Times...

Happiness, not in another place but this place,
not for another hour, but this hour...

In Mexico every morning I would look out of the window and check out all the 
different bird species that would come by.  Pretty interesting what you can see.

My favorite was a regular pigeon that was always sitting on her eggs.
For the 8 days we were there she never left her nest, not for food or anything
else.  I watched her everyday and I think she was also keeping an eye on me.

On the morning of our departure, I check her out as usual.  To my delight she
 had given birth to her babies.  It was pretty emotional because it just goes
 to show how protective a mother is be it in nature or in the real world.  

We made many more friend in the animal world.  Especially in kitty land.

Among the many kitties we met, we took a special liking to the one above.
Arvid named him Cry-Baby.  One morning we woke up and all we heard was 
a kitty crying its eyes out.  As soon as we were done with breakfast we went looking for
the kitty cat carrying with us a can of tuna fish and a can opener.  Was the only food handy 
we had suitable for a cat.  As you can see she gobbled it all up.  The next day I went to 
the grocery store and bought quite a few different treats and foodies for her.  
Again we went looking for her, but she was not there anymore.  
We looked and looked.  Even went back late at night,but no luck.

As far as i am concerned, as long as there is something to watch, I am happy.
As you can see there is always lots going on and lots to keep me entertained.

Now back at home we have Brutus and he definitely keeps us on our toes.
A ball of fur, constant;y on the move.  Won't have it any other way.

Never allow waiting to become a habit.
Live your dreams and take risks.
Life is happening NOW...