May 29, 2014

Brutus' Cat Door...

Never be afraid to try something new.
Because life gets boring when you stay within
the limits of what you already know...

Another chore we have to do together.  Install a cat door for Brutus.
No problem there, but when we both have different ideas on doing the job;
there is bound to be a clash.  No exception here.  We clashed.  When helping, 
Arvid expects me to do only that help.  In this case it was to hold the door.

Of course I also had other ideas in mind.  I mean I can hold the door and take a few pictures
of the work in progress at the same time.  Nope!  This does not work for him.  He raved again.
Every so often when he was not looking, I managed to snag a few pictures of us doing the job.

There he is giving me the LOOK!  During that pause, he once again told me he was
going to throw the phone away.  I gently told him, "hold on a second.  I'm almost done."
As you can imagine that was not the right thing to say at that time.  Even so we work well together.

The reason for the door is because in the mornings the sunlight comes into the bedroom.
Once this happens we are both awake.  For me not a problem since I am an early riser.
For Arvid....another story.  Before the door was installed Arvid googled them.  He "chased"
Brutus around with a measuring tape to get his height and width.  Brutus thought it was play time.

Above you can see work in progress all the time we were wondering how Brutus
was going to react to the door.  Brutus slept through the entire installation process.

Took Brutus all of 2 seconds to use his door.  He loves it and everyone is happy!
No more sunlight at 6am in the morning for Arvid.  The boy needs his sleep!

As you can see now the sunlight is just one bright spot peeking in.
Already Arvid said may want to switch side on the bed.  Hmm...

Have a good day everyone and for us,
what a difference a day (in this case a cat door) makes.

Come tomorrow, I'll wake up new...