May 2, 2014


Cuddle season is over.
  It's hot as hell...

Yesterday was a day of running around.  I had tons to do and the weather was
not my friend.  Will the temperature skyrocketing, I thought I was sure going to melt.
Would not have been such a bad idea actually.  May have gotten a little smaller.  Dreaming :)

No kidding!  The thermostat in my car read 100 degrees.  I think I also
burnt the skin on the back of my thighs and legs.  The leather was HOT!

Even so the day was a good one.  Both Arvid and I got lots of this accomplished.
Made me feel good about going to the mall and checking out my weaknesses. 
 Always handbags and shoes.  Have to say was a good day also at the mall.  Let's
put it this way, it was nice and cool inside, met some of my friends at Macy's and as usual
had a good time browsing around.  So maybe I ended up with a few goodies, well deserved :)

A lot of my day was also spent reading ingredients on every food item in the store.
The low iodine diet I will be following will not be that easy.  Not for someone who
likes her chicken everyday.  You won't believe how difficult it is to find foods/products
with no sodium.  When you do they are basically tasteless.  Like the rice cakes.  I think
they taste like cardboard.  I once heard someone say, "the food here is so tasteless you could
 eat  a meal of it and belch and it wouldn't remind you of anything."  I will soon be saying that.  

After quite a few hours in the heat, it was nice
 to come home  and have a few of my favorite
refreshingly cold beverages.

Yep!  That's James.  He's always waiting with a smile on his face.

Well a new day is about to begin for us.
It is after all Friday, and anything goes. 
 Pina Colada sounds really good later on today.

Wishing you all a good Friday and a great weekend!
Remember, each day set aside some time for a little fun!

Be happy while you are alive...