May 5, 2014

New Week....

Quitters never win, winners never quit...

Good morning everyone.  Hope this is the start of a wonderful and productive
 week for all. Mondays for many is not the best of days, but think of all the good
you can do and of all the smiles you can bring into someone else's life.

Just that should make this and everyday a good day.  As usual,
I am awake early.  Ready to see the sunrise and to give some extra attention
to Brutus, it's not like he lacks any, but he does love our morning routines as much as I do.

It is already very hot here.  Seems like this is going to be an even warmer 
Summer than usual.  Love living in Florida, but can do without the Florida summers.
I know everyone always thinks the grass is greener in somewhere else.  Human nature I guess.

Today is a busy day.  Arvid's day is packed as is mine.  At least some
of mine is not only work, in between of my day I have scheduled a little me time.
Today is a good day to have a manicure and pedicure.  Mondays are usually slow so
don't expect to take up too much time.  Hopefully will be done with that and all
my other chores before Arvid gets home.

Still good news as far as Brutus goes.  His paw continues to look good.
 We watch him so closely and try to see if there is any change (going bad again),
and we ware happy to say that all is well.  Brutus looks great and does
 everything a healthy kitty should.  Happy. Happy.

Soon Arvid will be awake and the morning will no longer be quiet.  
Enjoying my coffee as I write and also watching the sunrise.
For me it's the start of a beautiful day and also week.

Hope it will be the same for all of you.
Good morning friends.  Time to rise and shine.
Always try to tap into the positive universal energy that exists in life.

Enjoy the good times in life because the 
Roof can cave in at any time...