May 21, 2015

Always Something Good...

I get by with a little help from my friends...

My friend Liliana was here yesterday visiting us.  Always a pleasure to talk to her and to
 lately give her some lessons on how to use her new iPad.  Liliana is a fun person to 
teach because she is really a fast learner and always has something funny to say.

Yesterday aside from regular lessons, we created a FB page for her.  Something she was
and is still reluctant to be in.  She says she will not do much with it, but who knows.
At least she now has two friends. Brutus and I are friends finally with Liliana on 
FB.  Who knows one of these days she will actually get into it.  Could be fun.

After a little nibble we indulged in a little adult drink.  Yes, only Wednesday,
but did not hurt us one bit and we both were in super good moods after an hour or so.

Brutus sad to say is back on meds.  The wound on his paw is still not healed, and the doctor 
told us that maybe if we gave him the medicine for about a month no-stop who knows? 
 Maybe the infection on his paw will disappear.  I am not a negative person, and 
I am of course willing to try this, but deep down I know that what Brutus 
has will always be there.  Sad but that's how it is.  That being said we 
will definitely try the doctors suggestion.  Can't hurt.

Hello Thursday.  Please be good to us all.

When the world says give up, HOPE whispers... try it one more time...