May 22, 2015

Working Friday...

The secret is keeping busy, and loving what you do...

We have quite a few things planned for the weekend, but the question is will we be able
 to do any of them? This time not so sure about it.  Reason is that today our tenant is
 moving out. This means work and work.  We will be trying to get the
  apartment all ready to list again in the MLS.

I have most of the MLS listing already done so that's the easy part.  Not looking so much
 to the cleaning.  Spackling and painting is Arvid's portion.  Don't have a problem 
cleaning, but the cleaning supplies make me cough all the time.  That's the
 part I don't look forward to so much.  Gotta do what you gotta do.

To all hope your Friday is the start of a relaxing and enjoyable weekend to come.

Yesterday Arvid and I found ourselves going to a restaurant we discovered in Chicago.
The Tilted Quilt.  Since eating there in Chicago, Arvid has not stopped wanting to go
back there for the Shepherd's Pie.  Yesterday found us right there at lunch time.

Sadly the Shepherd's Pie was not very good.  As usual I stuck to some sort of a
chicken meal.  Usually chicken wings.  That was good.  Have to say most likely we
will not be going there in the very near future.  At least not the one in downtown
Fort Lauderdale.  One day when we visit again in Chicago we will.

Many chores right now, so will say until next time.

Happy Friday all.

Life is like a bicycle.  
To keep your balance you must keep moving...