May 19, 2015


Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same...

As Mondays go I was just not feeling it yesterday.  Sad because it was indeed a very 
beautiful day even if it is incredibly hot, same for today, but for now we are indoors 
so we are staying cool within the walls of the AC.

Brutus just finished his 10 days of pills so hopefully he will not be hiding from me
 that much.  He still has an open wound or two on his paw, but hopefully they 
will be healing in the next few days.  Everyone happy about that.

Arvid, Brutus and I have had a very good week.  What made the week for me was our trip
 to Key Largo and witnessing the most amazing sunset I have seen in quite a long time.
I remember when we were little living in Puerto Rico and my dad would always tell us,
"you will not often see sunsets as beautiful as these in Puerto Rico."

My dad is hardly ever wrong, but the one in Key largo came pretty close to the ones in 
Puerto Rico.  Key Largo is just a little over an hours drive from us. I tod Arvid 
that we should go there more often if only to watch the sunset.

Feeling much better today.  We take Brutus to the vet later today.  Nothing new with him, 
but because he takes medicines all the time it is necessary for the doctors to do some checking 
to make sure all his organs are OK and that he has not developed additional infections.

Arvid as usual is BUSY!  With him I never know when we need to pick up and run.
He likes to say that he keeps me on my toes.  Not far from the truth.  As far as I know, there
is nothing really pending today for us to be running around, but like I said you never know with him.

Everywhere it is hot.  My sister's doggie who lives in Vermont is also hot.  Jaxen gets
 a bath almost every other day and he loves it.  The LOVE sign you see there was given
to another of my sister's, Rima by her 3 kids on mothers day.  The writing on it
 describes everything about her that the kids love and admire in her.

Waking up early always makes me think about family and of how much I miss them.
Sometimes more so than ever.  Like today.  I miss them all and wish we lived closer to each other.

For now good morning everyone.  Time flies by so fast.
 May is soon over. Have a wonderful Tuesday.

Happy Tuesday, live everyday as if it were your last, 
because one of these days you will be right...