May 29, 2015

Graduation Day...

Graduation is an exciting time.
It's both an ending and a beginning.
It's warm memories of the past and big dreams of the future....

The day we all waited so patiently for over a year arrived.  Yesterday was Kimsy's high
 school graduation.  As my sister, Nirvana puts it, "this was my life for 18 years."  Meaning 
both J, her son and Kimsy spent a total of 18 years in St. John's School.  A lifetime
 of running around, of going to activities and being on beck and 
call for her kids have suddenly come to an "end"

J lives in Boston and now Kimsy will be living in Connecticut.  A far way from home.  
A far call from sunny Puero Rico.  A new chapter begins in her life and one Kimsy is totally
 up for.  After graduation she had after party to go to at a very exclusive club.  
The next few days will be a flurry of activity for her.

Since we came my sister has been running around doing a million things at a time.  She is
 used to it, but it does look very exhausting.  I imagine this is how it is with kids because all 
of my sisters do the same.  Eventually Michelle will be also doing it.  Hectic hectic life.

For a graduation present Kimsy is going together with some friends on a 12 day European 
cruise.  She flys out on Sunday to London and from there it is going to be girls having fun.  
An experience that one carries for a life time.  For my high school graduation my sister
 and I and our graduating class took a Caribbean Cruise.  To this day, I vividly remember it.
 Loved every moment and for always it is a part of my memories.

Graduation was at 7, but cocktail hour started at 6.  J and my dad picked us up at our hotel 
and from there on it was a festive time.  After graduation we all went to my sisters
 home for a little family and friends celebration and a little nibble. 
 Overall it was a very good time.

During the day Arvid and I went to the mall.  Huge. Huge mall and with more vendors than
 I have in my Galleria Mall in Florida.  Was a good way to stay cool and check out a 
super cool mall.  After that we went to my sisters apartment for a little visit with
 her and Kimsy.  The makeup girl was there waiting to do Kimsy's makeup.  
Couple of hours there and then it was time for a little 
piƱa colada and some lunch for us.

Today we take it a little easy in the morning then later on we go to my sisters home for 
another gathering.  Lots of family activity and lots of driving and running around.
  Not necessarily the most relaxing of times, but for me it is alright.  I am happy
 to be here and to be able to spend some time with family. 
 Always good and always special.

To all a very good day and may you always live in interesting times.  To Kimsy
 I say, "shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss you will land among the stars." 
 It was not an easy journey, but you never gave up.  I love you Kimsy.
Remember, wherever you go go with your heart.  Just like always.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.