May 30, 2015

Family Time...

Family where life begins and love never ends...

Good morning from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.  Coffee never tasted so good
as when one has a beautiful view in which to enjoy it.  Coffee in my sisters backyard surrounded
by mountains, the golf course, blue waters of her pool and amazing vegetation.  Pretty awesome.

Another family gathering at the home yesterday.   I was there early to help out while Arvid
stayed back at the hotel "relaxing" which he really needed since the drive to my sister's 
took took him close to 3 hours.  Yes, he was stuck in traffic. As you can imagine, 
it was not a happy Arvid during those hours.  Can't blame him.

She makes it look easy, but my sister is currently bone tired from doing million things.
Yesterday at her home I saw friends I have not seen in more that 10 years.

One of the nicest things is watching J and Arvid together.  Arvid has a knack with
all my nieces and nephews.  They all love him and he is so good with them.
Though he has complained a lot, when he got a hug from Kimsy thanking 
us for coming he told me, "this really makes it OK."

Reshma is already back home in Vermont.  The days are soon winding down and
soon everyone will soon be back to their homes.  The day is coming also when my sister
is going to be alone.  She has spent her life dedicated to her kids and now they are all grown up
and they are now on their own.  Arvid woke up early and said to me, "I'm thinking of your sister."

Good morning everyone.  May your day be an awesome one.

My point is, life is about balance.  The good and the bad.
The highs and the lows.  The pina and the colada.
Make it an amazing one...