May 15, 2015

Key Largo, Florida...

In Florida we salt Margaritas, not sidewalks...

Let's just say that I don't always like the same kind of music as Arvid, but I sure enjoy 
being able to go to different places to listen to it and appreciate how fortunate
 we are to be able to do so. Today's trip takes us to Key Largo. 
 One of the 800 islands known as the Florida Keys

Key Largo Florida.  This island at the top of the Florida Keys island chain boasts 
natural wonders plus friendly locals who are ready to help you enjoy them and
 is a little over an hours drive from where we are.

Stretching in a graceful arc from mainland Florida southwest into the Gulf of Mexico, the 
800 islands (30 of them inhabited) known as the Florida Keys are connected by the 
awe-inspiring 128-mile-long extension of Route 1 called the Overseas Highway.

If you live in Florida, then you are familiar with the saying.

Well Arvid and I are set to embark on another mini road trip.  Brutus is on meds so he is
actually going to be very happy that today he will only be having half of his pill portion.

It's a beautiful day here in Fort Lauderdale, and over at
Key Largo it as also sunny and warm.

Happy start of the weekend to all of you

Happiness is a three day weekend...