May 28, 2015

Family Stuff...

Remember, as far as anyone knows we are a nice, normal family...

Greetings from the Island of Enchantment.  Our days so far have been hectic.  Driving from 
place to place.  Family gatherings are not always easy.  My sister is busy running from
 place to place doing a million things at a time.  This is the first time we are driving 
around this much in the island and a always driving with Arvid is not always easy.

Yesterday we drove to where my parents are staying.  Good hours drive from our hotel.
The drive is beautiful with the mountains all around us.  Arvid does not like mountains.  One of
the things I like about Norway is also their mountains.  Arvid fo some reason not really a fan.

We met my parents and Reshma for lunch.  Had a little walk around the area
ad then we brought Reshma back to the hotel with us where we had piña coladas 
and walked the beach and took many pictures.  Very fun afternoon.

Arvid even played a little soccer with a little kid we met at the park.  The kid was good.
The evening was pretty relaxing.  We walked around the area a bit and visited the 
hotel where the graduation will be.  The Vanderbilt Hotel is pretty impressive.

Graduation is tonight.  Let's see how well Arvid copes.  For now to all of you
 good morning.  ope your day is good.  Puerto Rico is like Florida when it comes 
to the weather.  Nice and warm and where we are saying we have a nice ocean breeze.

Come visit Puerto Rico.

To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there...