May 11, 2015

Monday Again...

It's the start of a new week, which means it's time to shake off your weekend,
 take a deep breath and try to think positive, energizing thoughts... 

Pictures sure can express more than words at times.  Definitely how many
feel on a Monday morning after a weekend of celebration and just lazing around.  

Though Arvid and I work from home Mondays are also very hectic.  The weekend 
though was relaxing and unusually HOT!  Yes it feels like full blow summer here.

Summertime I would rather be anywhere, but Florida.  Too hot.  Too humid.  Arvid
feels the same even though we both like the warm weather, this is just unbearable for now.

Yesterday our outing found us at Kaluz, one of our favorite restaurants.  Walking from us
is a mere 5 minutes, but we choose to drive because it was just too hot to walk.

As usual we had a good time.  Relaxing to see the boats go by so very stress free.
Once home Arvid turned all the ringers off the phones.  Said, "I don't want anyone calling 
us and bothering us in the weekend."  It was only 5pm.  Of course the phone rang and Arvid 
was just irritated and the rest of the evening was kind of not as relaxing anymore.  Things happen.

Monday morning.  Many things to take care of.  Not such a good start because my 
Quickbooks program is acting and right now I am unable to do much. I am the one that 
does the bookkeeping for our company, so without Quickbooks I am kinda stuck.
Hopefully we will resolve the issue later today. For now many more things to do.

To all a good day.  Make it an amazing one and let's get this week going.

Life is like the ocean.  It can be calm or still, and rough and rigid,
but in the end, it is always beautiful....