Dec 9, 2016

A Change Of Scenery..

A simple change of scenery can bring about powerful
shifts in the flow of time and emotions...

The leaves are falling all day long; the other day as we were out doing some chores I saw
 this guy using a blower just blowing leaves. As soon as he blew some the wind picked up
 and it was start from scratch all over again. Useless chore, unless of course one had a bag that 
picked up the leaves. Sure did not see many with a bag attached to their blower.

Living in a house is quite different from living in a condo.  Here you have 
to worry about making sure the ton of leaves are somehow cleaned up.  I am not 
an outdoor person and I do not like yard work.  That's why I love condo living.

  When we first saw our house, the first thing we noticed were the big trees. 
 Arvid said, "those will have to go."  Hope he changes his mind.

I don't actually want to have the trees cut, I like them, but I don't like all the leaves
 that are accumulating in the backyard right now.  I'm almost sure I will not be going
 out in the yard much.  I'm a city person.  Not an outdoors person, and this living
 in a house, having a yard and trees is being in the outdoors as far as I am concerned.

It has been very cold here.  So much so that just getting out and doing things I used to
 enjoy, like grocery shopping has now become a chore.  I try to not get out as much as
before.  Arvid on the other hand no matter what is busy.  He still likes to run around.  
Check stuff out.  Do a trade here and there and in the process he meets many people. 

 He's busy and somehow the cold is not bothering him as much as I would have 
thought it would.  Strange if you ask.  He has always told me he cannot travel to
 cold places in the winter because he gets sick.  Here he is definitely not sick. 
 The fresh air must have something to do with his very perky attitude.

Can't complain about that.  All is good just a bit colder.
Good morning everyone~ may you always live in interesting times.

It's never too late to keep moving forward 
and enjoy life's beautiful scenery...