Dec 19, 2016

It's Christmastime In The City...

Christmas is the time to say "I love you."  Share the joys of laughter and good cheer.
Christmas is a time to say, "I love you" and a feeling that will last all through the year..

We may not have many Christmas decorations at home, but our neighbors front 
yard is always lit up. Makes up a little for us not having much this year. 
My favorite Christmas decoration are Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus
 given to us by Arvid's mom and dad many years ago.

  If there was one decoration I would put up every year that was it.  Brutus also loved it.
  I wanted to bring it here, but at the same time did not because it belongs 
at home in Fort Lauderdale.  It makes for warm memories always.

This very moment I am homesick and I miss my surroundings and some.  Can't wait
 to go home and be close to all the things I know again.  I miss my car and being
 able to go places on my own.  I need a little alone time right now for sure.

Branson is a very small place, but from what I have heard there is a fabulous display of 
Christmas lights in a place called Silver Dollar City.  We have not gone there as yet.
  Currently it is so cold that they have had to close down the light display. 
 Hope to see it before the holidays are over.  That is of course if it 
reopens.  Everyone is allergic to the cold.  Even the lights.

Just a few more days before Christmas.  Not so long ago Arvid surprised his family
 in Norway. Arvid loves to surprise people.  I am not crazy about surprises.  I visited my 
family, but it was not a surprise.  They knew in advance, but on the other hand I'm sure his
family was more than happy to have a surprise like that and did not/would not  mind it all all.

Yesterday was the first "snowfall" for this winter.  It looked pretty, but at the
same time the car skidded going up the driveway so did I.  Landed on my butt.
That's flat on my butt.  Learning experiences.  "New" all over again.

 I still found my way out in the snow to get a few pictures.  I have not experienced
cold like this in a very very long time  Not since I lived in New York City.
 One of my sisters and her family is currently enjoying the warm weather in the
Sunshine State.  Wish I was there to celebrate the holidays with them.

To all a very good day. May this week be even better than the last.
My mission today is to stay warm.  Hot chocolate kinda day today.  Again.

When I was 5 years old my mother always told me that happiness was the 
key to life.  When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when
 I grew up.  I wrote down "happy".  They told me I didn't understand
 the assignment, and I told them they didn't understand life...