Dec 3, 2016

Saturday In Branson...

Dear Saturday, you are my favorite.
On Saturdays we wear pajamas without guilt...

It's not often I get to take a picture of Sniff Sniff and I.  Unlike Brutus, who used
to love being held and carried around, and having his pictures taken, Sniff
 is just not ready for it.  He's getting better.  I still pick him up everyday 
and every so often I get lucky and get a picture with him.

Recently he has been waking up very early and trying to get into everything.
Arvid has a plan as he says.  He has a flashlight and from 4 in the morning he starts
flashing it at Sniff.  If that does not work he has the spray bottle with water.

Usually he just sprays close to where Sniff is and it's enough to scare him away.
For a few minutes.  He then comes back and starts to try getting into the
cabinets, or trying to rip apart the door stoppers or something else.  He also
loves to race on our bed.  All of this by 5am. No rest for the weary.

As Arvid tries to get some more sleep, I am already awake by that time.
I get out of bed.  Give Sniff some food and by then he calms down and goes back to
 bed with Arvid.  I think Sniff gets hungry at 4 in the morning and starts "misbehaving."
  As soon as he gets his foodies he is calm and peaceful again.  He like a child.

Mornings, noon and nights are cold here.  Our bed now has lots of covering.
 Even though we keep the temperature at 71F in the house, you will find Arvid
bundled in a turtle neck, warm pajamas, socks and at times an extra
sweater around his shoulders.  Definitely a big change.

Like everywhere one goes, if your're in the right spot at the right moment
you can capture amazing sights.  The other evening as we were coming home from
 dinner I did just that with the sunset.  Just amazing anywhere and always.

Good morning everyone.  Wishing you all a good day and a good weekend.
All is good here.  Sniff is adorable, but right now I am missing my Brutus quire a
lot and I just saw a few pictures of Shadow.  As always I can't get over what happened
to that little kitty. This thing called grief comes i waves and this very moment I feel
 like I'm drowning.  My friend Anna says it best, "this too shall pass."  I can hope.

In life we loved you dearly.  In death we love you still.  In our hearts you
 hold a place, no one else will every fill.  I'm not sure which is worse 
missing you or the fact that there is nothing I can do about it...