Dec 17, 2016

Hello Frigid Saturday...

It is so cold outside, I just saw a teenage boy with his pants pulled up.
Dear old man winter, we have had enough already... Brrr

The days of shorts and t-shirts seem so far away.  This is how Arvid 
dresses these days.  Definitely we are NOT in the Sunshine State.

Like I have been mentioning before, Arvid and I are fore some reason
thriving in this cold weather.  Not exactly sure what it is, but so far neither of us
 has really had one of those days where we have said, "I want to go back home."
 At least it has not happened as yet.  As I has said many strange.

The other day I asked him, "do you miss Florida as yet'?  His answer, "not as yet."
As long as Arvid is trading, running around and staying busy  don't think much will
 bother him.  Of course it's cold, but combined with the excitement of a new
place and new things to do...well let's just say there is no complaining
 of how we want to go back home.  Not as yet anyway.  So far so good.

I miss a few things.  Quite a few things, but I know we will go back home and
because of that it is all right.  I am also getting to learn about the surroundings.
Enjoy the change of the scenery.  So different form what I am used to.

  Different is not always bad.  Arvid wears what I call his "uniform"  Hoodies as soon
 as we step out to door.  For those who know him, you know he has bought many of
 the same.  According to Arvid ,"if it fits, then I may as well get a few."

To all a good day.  Just remember that being different isn't a bad thing,
it means you're brave enough to be yourself.  That's my Arvid in a nutshell.

I hear Florida calling me right now.  I am definitely ready again for flip flops,
 warmer weather, sunshine, booming flowers, birds singing and green grass.
It's Saturday, big shirts, messy hair music and coffee kinda day here...