Dec 31, 2016

Early Start...

If you want to make your dreams come through, 
the first thing to do is wake up...

I was awake in bed at 1:30 am.  Tried to sleep again, but try and I may sleep 
did not come back.  After lots of twisting and turning I finally got out of bed by 
4 am.  Sniff and I had our routines and then he went back to sleep some more.

  Too early even for little Sniff.  Not exactly sure why I could not sleep. 
  All I know is that my mind was just always on the alert and yes, Brutus was 
always in my thoughts as was Shadow.  It's going to be a long day.

Mornings here are so quiet.  Not even the sound of cars to disturb you, makes
 for pleasant dreams and sound sleepers...Arvid.  Very relaxing and peaceful.

Waking up this early I would have loved to see the sunrise from our balcony back home.
  I really miss those mornings of the boats passing by and the palm trees swaying
 with the wind.  I miss the surroundings where Brutus occupied every corner
 and where for a few months Shadow was a happy baby.  Sniff is my anchor 
and he is full of love.  He makes us smile and laugh and we love him.

Looking forward very much to going back home soon.  Arvid, Sniff and I really like 
our home here in Branson.  This will now become our summer place.  Weather
 in summer is pretty awesome and with all the trades Arvid can do, 
this is definitely the place for now.  Even so, I miss home.

Good morning everyone, rise and shine a new day begins.
Remember, you will never have this day again so make it count.

I used to love night best, but the older I get the more treasures and hope and
 joy I find in the mornings.  Happiness is the smell of early morning coffee...