Dec 10, 2016

Saturday In Branson...

Ever had one of those days when when you're holding
 a stick and everybody looks like a piñata?...

Yesterday for some reason was not one of my best days.  It was cold.  Really cold and 
combined with that I was missing my Brutus too much.  I know it will get better.  Today was 
not that day, but there is always tomorrow and more tomorrow.  Yes, time is my best friend.

My friend Anna, even with the turmoil going on in her life is always there to perk me 
up.  I am always grateful for her and I hope the day will come when something good
 happens in her life.  It sure is about time she was also given a second chance.

I woke up early to take a picture of the mailbox covered with frost.  For us it's a "first"
It's been very very long Arvid and I have experienced living in winter climates.  Never
have I seen such low digits in the temperatures.  Well not in over 20 years or so.

 The novelty will soon wear our that's for sure.  No snow right now, but we keep hearing that
 it's coming.  Hopefully like most newscasters, the ones here in Branson are also mistake.

Sniff is the only one in the family who seems to be affected by the cold.  He as had the
 sniffles for a few days now with sneezing fits throughout the day and night.  He sleeps
 snuggled close to either Arvid or I and loves being cushions with the blankets and our bodies.

 Arvid loves it because Sniff keeps him extra warm.  I have had symptoms of the cold but
 no cold as yet.  Happy about that. Arvid is doing great.  The cod just does not seem to affect
him.  I still think it's strange how we both have just adapted to these frigid temperatures.

Good morning everyone.  I love my mornings no matter where I am.  Always quiet,
and now the scenery is still new to me.  Always something to see especially
when Sniff is next to me.  Makes for a beautiful start of the day.

Don't miss the sun today worrying about the rain coming today.
Good morning beautiful souls.  Be kind to yourselves today.  Happy Saturday...