Dec 28, 2016


Put passion in your routines and your routines can become passion...

Without fail, every morning with Sniff begins exactly the same.  First he sleeps all 
night with us.  Getting as close to Arvid as possible to the point where Arvid 
and I sometimes have no cover because Sniff is tucked between them.

By 5am Sniff is awake and starts roaming around the room, making as much noise 
as possible.  Arvid sleeps with a flashlight and automatically wakes up, turns the flashlight
 on and points it directly at Sniff.  Sniff somehow gets the message and for a little stops
 what he's doing, but not for long.  By 5;45 I just decide it was enough and I 
get up with Sniff and to the kitchen we head.  It's his foodies time.

He eats, I clean his litter, make my coffee and to my office we head.  He walks right 
in front of you so it is almost impossible to move.  All the while he's meowing 
away.  He knows it's brushing time and makes sure I don't forget. 
 If I do he starts the meowing all over again.  It really cute.

Once there I brush him for a good 10 minutes.  He loves it and just purrs away, walks away
 but comes running right back to me.  If I should so much as move he starts meowing
 even louder than before.  Once he has had enough brushing he scoots away back to the 
bedroom to catch some more snoozes with Arvid.  Everyday it's the same.

Once Arvid gets out of bed Sniff comes running back into my office, jumps 
on the window sill and begins an hour or so of bird watching, squirrel 
watching and if we are lucky maybe a deer will come along.

After that he is so exhausted that even if a squirrel passes he does not have 
the energy nor desire to watch anymore.  Sniff is then down for another 
of his morning naps.  Give him an hour or so and he's once again hungry
 and on the go.  Some mornings he loves to chase the laser light.

When Arvid and I have to go out and do errands, Sniff is not a happy camper. 
 Then he becomes totally energized and wants to be played with at all times.  When 
Arvid moves Sniff grabs on to his leg and tries to climb him and to nibble
 on his pants.  Like a child holding on to a parents' leg so that they 
won'y go, or when having a tantrum.  Sniff is just like that.

When we get back home, Sniff hears the garage door open and stands right in front 
of the door waiting for us.  The other day as Arvid ran off to the store I saw Sniff 
running to the door as he heard the car pulling up into the garage.  Smart boy.

Sniff has learnt that his daily routine is to get up, be amazing and then go 
back to bed.  Like most of our fur babies they have this down to a science.  I love
 my routines with Sniff, but on a regular basis I am not too caught up with routines.
  I like to switch things around.  Yeah, live dangerously.. hahhaha

The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.
Routines also becomes a way of coping.  The less routine the more life...