Dec 20, 2016

Cold Start...

Kindness is like snow.  It beautifies everything it covers. Hot cocoa, 
cold snow, warm sweaters, bright lights.  Soon it will be Christmas day..

We managed to go down the steep driveway, coming back up was another story.
  We skidded a few times until we had to give up and leave the car on the roadside.  
I did not like the feeling of sliding.  Not sure I can ever get used to the 
steepness of the driveway.  I like the flat terrain I am used to.

The nice thing about the snow is that it makes everything look so bright.  
So even when it was pitch back at nights, when I look out I can still see.   Yes, it's
 clear to see I am not that used to snow anymore.  Goodness I am not used to
 temperatures less than 70F.  These last few days the digits have been very low.

The excitement of the first snow is now wearing off.  We did not get that much, but we 
got enough.  Our car has no snow tires.  It is not equipped for this climate.  I guess 
if we will be here for some more we may have to consider doing some changes. 

 What I miss is my car.  Going places on my own and not having to always go 
everywhere with Arvid.  He loves to do stuff I don't necessarily like, but in order
 to do my errands we have to do everything in "one run" as he likes to say.

Right now I would really like to take a walk on my happy place. To all a very 
good day.  Not many more days until Christmas.  Since coming to Branson, 
I have not really done much shopping of any kind.  Different times.  Different life. 
 Different scenery.  I asked for a change.  I got a change.  Well we both
 asked for it.  They say be careful what you wish for at times.

This will be Shadows first Christmas in heaven and Brutus' second.
I am missing my kitties very much.  Especially my baby...Brutus.

There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just 
want to do is pick them from your dreams and hug them for real...