Dec 26, 2016

And So Another Christmas Has Come And Gone...

May the good times and treasures of the present. become the golden 
memories of tomorrow.  Wishing you lots of joy, love and happiness...

It was a quiet Christmas at our home.  The day was warmer than usual which according
 to Arvid was a good time to do some work in the garage.  He just can't sit still no matter 
where we are.  Sniff and I were indoors just cuddled up under some warm covers.
  I was reading and Sniff was snoozing between my legs.  It was good.

On Christmas Eve Arvid and I were invited to a Pizza "party."  We actually did go, and
 it was not bad at all.  Of course Arvid was super happy because it was Papa John's pizza.  
He usually never eats when we go to any ones place, but that night he had a few slices.

There was quite a bit to eat and both him and I had a very good time.  Of course
someone brought chicken wings so I was also super happy.  Any one
who knows me knows that chicken is my favorite food.

Making the evening even better was our host and his Karaoke set up.
 Even Arvid participated.  Usually we would not be doing this, but somehow
here in Branson it just seemed fitting.  Reminds me of how I am
told it is in Norway a little. Made for a pleasant evening.

I missed my family very much.  We spoke several times during the day.
It was good, but not the same.  It was my mom's birthday and we should have have
been there.  Hopefully we will be there next year to celebrate with all of them.

All my nieces and nephews texted all day long, but the one that texted the most
was my youngest niece Lilly Vade.  Hers was the first text I saw when I woke up
this morning.   Made me just want to be there and be hugged by her.

  Lilly loves to hug and squeeze you tight.  It would have been good.
Yesterday I missed my Brutus very much.  Even Arvid said, "2 years now without
Brutus at Christmas?"  Yes Brutus and Shadow... how time goes by.  Sniff makes up a
lot for being loving and cuddly.  Sniff is a good good boy and we love him.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas, spent with friends and family.
May the coming year be better for all of us.  Happy Monday all.

Today is Danielle's birthday.  U. Arvid and I miss you and would
have loved having you spend it with us.  His words!!!

Today is next years Christmas memory.  Make it one that you will
 always cherish, and be sure to enjoy every single minute...