Dec 2, 2016

Beautiful Start...

Man starts over again everyday, in spite of all he knows, against all he knows...

As a new day begins it reminds me of what I once was told.  Be open enough
 to see opportunities.  Be wise enough to be grateful, and courageous to be happy.
  Yes, I am doing all of that and looking forward to having better days. 

 Life is not always how we want it to be, 
but there is always something to be grateful for.

Beautiful sunrises are everywhere.  The scenery may be different.  Very
 different, but the day is as good as we make it and I plan to make today a very
 good one. Coffee tastes the same and the sun shines just as brightly.

Our home is starting to feel like a home.  Sniff's stuff is everywhere.  Laundry to fold,
 little things that I still have not found where to put.  Yes, not completely organized,
but getting there. The evenings as we sit, my thoughts wander to different
things, and though sometimes I feel the tears falling I remind myself
 that this is the time to make some new memories and move on.

 Moving on is not forgetting, it's just making way for something new.
  Something different and yes something good in the long run.

Tucked into my heart and my thoughts are my Brutus and Shadow.
Forgetting is not an option, moving on is something else.

I went to sleep last night thinking about you, I woke up this morning 
still thinking about you. When I'm down, I whisper your name 
to myself and smile. I still love you, don't doubt it...