Jan 27, 2017

Hello Friday ~ Weekend Mode...

Coffee in hand: check.  Smile on face: check.  Pajamas all day.
If this weekend goes as planned it will not  include any actual plans...

Yesterday was ridiculously cold and windy.  the temperatures never whit more than the 
mid 30's, that is less than i degree Celsius.  I have not been feeling so good.  Not sure it it's
the cold or what but I have had a terrible sinus headache that just won't quit.  Very annoying.

The car was frozen as were my fingers and toes.  Did not stop me from going out for a
 little, but I have to say that it was not that pleasant.  Sunshine and warmth would
 be welcoming right now.  The wind is something that seeps right into your 
skin and bites.  I was told that the wind here can be challenging. 

 Seems that just like Florida with it's hurricane season, Branson has a windy 
season in March.  At least that's what I have been told, but that remains to be seen.

It was so cold that I decided to make some hot chocolate and surprise Arvid.  He 
claims that it's his specialty and with him there is always a lot of preparation 
and planning before making it.  I just made it and said, "let's have some
 hot chocolate."  He was surprised and happy.  Said it warmed him up.

The next few days are not looking to be any warmer, but the weather people
 have been know to be wrong before.  Let's hope they are again.  

Friday.  I wonder what we will be doing today?  Hmmm...music?  Don't think so.
Branson is a very seasonal place.  It has as slow period, tourist wise and that period 
is right now.  December to February.  At least that is what everyone says.  

Right now many of the restaurants, quite a few hotels and all the attractions are closed.  
I guess it's what you would call a ghost town, nut come March as everyone says then 
it will be buzzing.  Will be interesting to see what everyone is talking about.

Well friends, it's Friday again.  What does your weekend look like?
For sure I know we will be going to Home Depot.  Probably Staples.  I need 
a few things for my "office"  And the always Walmart.  Gotta get some cold medicine.

Happy Friday all.  Enjoy the weekend with the people you love.

I will face whatever comes today with a positive attitude.  I have learned 
so much from my mistakes.  I'm thinking of making a few more now...