Jan 7, 2017

They Said It Never Gets This Cold...They Lied

Antarctica called.  They want their weather back...

They said it rarely snowed here in Branson.  Guess "they" were wrong.
Though not a lot, it becomes ice way too fast.  Again I fell straight on my butt.

They said that the worst is yet to come, but being an optimist I want to
 think that "they" are wrong.  That is until a "friend" showed me these 
pictures taken last year in March.  Then I got really worried.

I'm not used to the cold anymore and the last few days have been extremely cold.
 The roads are iced and driving is extremely dangerous.  I am definitely 
not liking it right now.  Very hazardous to my health if I may say so.

Now I understand when people ask: "you know what's my favorite
 thing about winter?"  And the answer, "when it's over."

To all a very good day.  Always remember to smile and let everyone
know that today,  you are a lot stronger than you were yesterday.

Right now  have to agree with the person who said, "It's so cold, I'm shaking as bad
 as a couple of jelly donuts a Weight Watchers meeting.  Good morning all and stay warm.

The journey is not without risks but the discovery is its own reward...