Jan 28, 2017

It's Not Always Easy...

Life is about doing the things that make you happy.
Not the things that please other people...

Yesterday was a bad day for my friend Anna.  Her Taino is not doing well.  
He's not eating and all he does is lay down.  Sleeps and sleeps. When
 I was talking to her all I heard in her voice was the desperation of 
someone who is grabbing on to any lifeline that life throws.  

I know exactly what she is going through and I can tell you is in not easy. 
 Every minute is more agonizing than the other.  If only we lived a little closer.
  We could comfort each other, but Anna lives all the way in California.  I hope
 today her Taino is doing a little better today.  Will know in a little.  Little Taino
 is not doing so good right now. Has not eaten since Wednesday

It was another cold day yesterday.  Not much difference today.  Looking forward 
to doing a little Skype with the little ones.  Aleah and Vanessa.  We have been missing 
each other for one reason or another.  Somehow with the 7 hour difference 
our schedules just don't seem to be at odds.  Today fortunately we 
can finally do it.  Good start of the day for sure.  Yes, indeed.

Friday night in Branson was quiet.  Some TV, snacks and of course Sniff Sniff 
laying in his favorite spot between Arvid's legs.  He tries to lay between my legs,
 but I move too much so he get upset and move away.  He's a cute little kitty.

Any day that starts with Lilly Vade's smile is definitely going to be a good day.  
My mom is doing better.  Still hurting quite a lot, but she is not a quitter.  She does
 her physical therapy 3 times a week with a therapist coming to her home and on the other
 days my dad is her therapist.  My dad is just the best.  I have to say I am one of
the luckiest people in the world to have been given the parent I have. 
 We are lucky kids and we never take them for granted.

Happy Saturday everyone.  Just remember that the things you take for
 granted are the exact same things someone else is praying for.

At the end of the day all you need is hope and strength.
Hope that it will get better ans strength to hold on until it does...