Jan 30, 2017

New Week... Here We Go Again

Everyday is a new beginning.  Problems and mistakes of yesterday 
are now just memories of a lesson learned.  I absorb the energy and the possibilities 
of each new day,acknowledge the simple beauty that can be taken for granted, 
and look forward to tomorrows new beginning....

This time last year Arvid and I were in the Keys and Isla Morada.  Right now sounds like a 
long time ago.  Warm weather, sunshine, the waves splashing at my feet and sand 
between my toes.  Yeah, sounds so far away.  For now, but not for long.  I hope.

Looking forward to another week full of promises and definitely good things 
coming to all of us.  My sister after all is a true believer in this Chinese
 New Year, and has told us many of the to do's to make things
 run smoother and better for all of us.  Why not give it a try.  

I have already taken steps to make it better.  I called Liliana and we spoke for a while.  
She also did us a favor.  No matter what has happened, she is still the only one I trust
 with certain things.  She is a good person.  We may not be where we were once, but
 hopefully one day it will be better.  Shadow is still too fresh a wound in my heart.

The next two days are looking good here.  High in the 60's (about 16 Celsius),  
lows in the 30's (3 to -3 Celsius) and 20's for the week. You have to take the
good with the not so good. 60 degrees Fahrenheit sounds like heaven right now.

My friend Anna's kitty Taino is still not doing great.  He has been hand fed, but as 
of now it's just in small amounts.  Still better than nothing.  Anna is living a terrible time 
right now.  Her baby's time with her is limited and she knows it.  That's what's killing her. 

Wishing everyone a good week ahead.  Just remember that sometimes when you
 think you have it hard, there are others living through much worse times.

Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while
 they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step...