Jan 9, 2017

New Week Begins...

It's a new week.  It's a new day.  Means new possibilities...

It's not as if today is a really warm day, but with the sun shining it sure feels like it.
  I was able to go outside without a jacket and enjoy a little of the sunshine; of course I 
took a few of my magazines to catch up on the world of gossip.  Like I really 
need to, but why not?  Today feels like a girl's day and part of that means 
magazines to pass some of the time.  After that who knows?

Yesterday I thought I was going to do so many things, but after cleaning I was so 
tired I decided to just stay home with Sniff catch up on some reading and have 
as much hot chocolate as I wanted.  No guilt at all.  Was good to just 
do nothing and not have to go to Home Depot for a change.

Today I spend the day with my babies.  Going through memory lane for a little.
Most of our memories are with Brutus, but when I see a picture of Shadow
 I can't but help smiling.  He was a little rascal and he sure was fast.
  I think of him and I smile and at the same time I am so angry.

As the new week begins, I wish you all a very productive start. Hopefully
 no snow in our forecast.  Though it is pretty and all, it sure makes for hazardous 
driving especially when one has no winter tires.  I may have the car all to myself 
right now, but it does not do me too much good if the roads are all icy. Hmm..

The other day as I was chatting with a lady she said to me, "honey, only 
in Missouri you will see 4 different seasons in one day."  Somehow I think she 
may be right because the other day I saw, frost on the plants, sunny 
warm temperatures and a pink sunset.  All in the same day.

My favorite site is seeing Sniff Sniff sleeping next to me as I work.  Makes for 
a perfect day.  Monday, new start.  New beginning.  New perspective.  Make today count.

What you tell yourself everyday will either lift you up or tear you down.
May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short...