Jan 13, 2017

One Of Those Days...

If home is where my heart is,  then I have never
been more homesick and out of place...

On any given Friday we would normally find ourselves walking down to the beach. 
 Listening to music and enjoying one of these delicious drinks.

This has not been the case since November.  Arvid just came back from 
Fort Lauderdale.  Talking about being there, about going back home
 and about missing it has made me homesick.  Yes, right now I am missing 
our home, my surroundings and all things that are familiar.  I'm missing 
my Brutus and my Shadow a little too much and a little too often 

Sniff is such a good kitty.  He kept me company when we were alone and never
 left my side.  At nights he slept close to me and together we kept each other
 warm.  I love little Sniff and I am grateful he came into our lives.

Arvid and I may not be ready, but Sniff is all ready for the icy weather that we are
 expecting.  His foodies arrived yesterday so there is no way he will be going hungry.  
Not a chance. The good thing is that we are all together and that makes it better.

Friday in Branson.  What shall we do?  Oh yeah, it's icy conditions.  It's freezing cold.
It's not the sunshine state.  Yeah we will stay in again.  Same as we did the last few
 Fridays since we have been here.  I am missing the sunshine, the beach, the boats 
passing by from our balcony.  I am missing Florida very much right now.

Happy Friday everyone.  My mom keeps reminding us that spring is not that far away. 
 My mom is always there making us see all the good things in life and makes us realize 
everyday how lucky we all are.  She is absolutely right.  We are fortunate.  We have
 each other and we have the love of a close knot family that makes us stronger. 

In my daughter's eyes I am a hero.  I am strong and wise and I know no fear.
But the truth is plain to see.  She was sent to rescue me.  I see who I want to
 be in my daughters eyes.  Me I see who I want to be in my mother's eyes...