Jan 23, 2017

New Week Again...

One small positive though in the morning can change your whole day.
New Monday.  New week.  New goals.  Let's do it...

Somehow Sunday was a very long day. It was wet and gloomy, and Arvid and I
 finally decided it was time to assemble my desk.  Yes, I needed a new desk
 for my office.  The one I have is very flimsy and had no cabinets to
 store anything. As we opened the box it freaked me out to see how 
many parts there was. Hundreds of pieces and even more
 hardware.  Yeah a job that lasted most of the day.

It is still not done, but we needed to go for lunch so hopefully today we will finish it. 
 I still am amazed at how many pieces there was.  Usually Arvid is very vocal when
 doing stuff like this, but it seems that life in Branson has tamed him down.
  His vocabulary is less colorful.  Even I am amazed at the change.

Here in Branson most of the people we have been out with just drink sweet tea. 
 Nothing wrong with that but so strange that no one has ever ordered a beer or
 any other drink.  Soon both Arvid and I might probably be drinking 
sweet tea as well. That's how much Branson has changed us.  Hmmm

I really miss the occasional pina colada or mojito. For instance, yesterday we
 went to a steak restaurant with a "friend".  Usually Arvid would have a beer or two,
 but not anymore. The most Arvid ever has these days is a beer on Fridays.  I miss
 our Florida days, but not for long.  Florida is calling and I'm listening.

So far no one has visited us in Branson. The first ones will most likely be
 Victoria and Michael.  This March.  Mom and dad would have come already, 
but mom had surgery and it's not a good idea to travel right now. 

 Mom is back home but she's hurting very much.  I want to be there with her as
 do my sisters, but right now both her and my dad think it best that no one comes.  
That I understand. If we were there it would just put more pressure on both of them.

Another week begins.  My mom is doing physical therapy everyday 
and though I know she hurts a lot I also know she is not a quitter.  
Guess her 5 daughters got that from her and our dad.

Sniff has been having an amazing weekend. Rain falling means leaves falling.
 Drives him crazy to see all of this. As if that were not enough there was a 
little butterfly that snuck in the house as I opened the door.  That kept
 him awake for hours until I chased the butterfly away

Many things to do this week same as last week.  No matter what or 
where we are we are always busy.  Sometimes I'm so tired I just want
 to stay in bed. Cover up and not get up so early.  Sniff always has other
 plans for us and because of that I'm always awake early.

Hope your week ahead is a productive and exciting one.  We sure have lots to do,
 and in there we have a few pit stops to Home Depot.  The temperature has
 been warmish but the days have been wet, gloomy and mostly dark. 
 Today I will just pretend I am back home in Florida walking on the
 beach and letting my thoughts take me wherever they want.

Yesterday I spoke with Liliana. I really miss that girl   Maybe one day we will 
mend our friendship and be the way we once were.  Yes when we get back to Florida I
 look forward to that.  I won't lie I still am very angry and hurt but time they say heals. 
 Working on that.  Time has not healed the sadness in y heart over the loss of Brutus. 
 I will never ever stop wishing he was here with us.  I miss our Brutus everyday.

Happy Monday all may this be the start of wonderful things ahead.

Monday is the perfect day to correct last week's mistakes.
Good morning.  Today will be fabulous...