Jan 11, 2017


Finding joy in simple pleasures paves the way 
for a peaceful, contented and easy life...

I finally found a place that knows how to do a manicure and pedicure.  I was really 
missing this.  Back home in Florida I had my favorite spot not far from us, and I was a 
regular.  I thought I would never find the right place here in Branson.  Ii tried a few and
 none was "good enough"  Yesterday though I ventured out of my comfort zone and that 
took me to the right place.  Even Sniff had to agree that is was a good choice.

It's been good to have a few days on my own, but now I'm missing Arvid.  As I was
 having my manicure he calls me from Florida to ask me instructions on how to do the
 laundry.  I guess I need to let him do more household chores in the future.

Good morning everyone.  Remember life brings simple pleasures to us everyday.
It is up to us to make them wonderful memories.  Now is a good time to start.

People who delight in simple pleasures and who manage to smile in spite 
of the difficulties they face have the clearest vision of life.  Don't wait for
the perfect moment.  Take the moment and make it perfect....