Jan 25, 2017

Hello Wednesday...

You don't always need a plan.  Sometimes you just need 
to breathe, trust, let go, and see what happens...

Weather wise it's strange here in Branson. For instance yesterday morning
 started out in the 30's by 3 pm it was closer to 70 degrees and sunny
 as can be.  For sure I did not know how to dress.

I had a little outing to the outlet mall and just walking in and out of stores
 was enough to work up a sweat. It was that warm.  I don't miss the 
Florida heat but I miss the sunshine, blue skies and the water.

One of the things I like about this cold weather is the change I have noticed in my hair. 
 Most of the times I'm happy with it. It's much tamer.  On the other hand I have 
lost most of my curls.  Oh well not complaining because now I don't have to 
do anything with my hair.  Does not even require gel products.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. It felt good to be in my Florida clothes. 
 Miss those days of tank tops and flip flops, but hopefully not for long.

If one were to see Arvid and I living in these colder temperatures you'd think we have been
 doing this for years. The cold has not bothered us much. Yes, we say it's cold but then
we just go on like nothing.  I think it's odd. Us, who always lived in the warm climate. 
 My family are so surprised at how well we have adapted. My sisters and parents 
keep asking, "Arvid's not cold?"  What can I say?  We're as surprised as them.

I'm getting used to Walmart shopping. Have not really missed Publix much but every 
once in a while if I'm honest with myself nostalgia kicks in.  I try not to think of
 our home in Florida because then I think I will just pack up and go home.
I was the one who asked for a change.  Arvid listened and we made it.
  Now I just have to stick it out and make the most of it.

Our routines have not changed much.  The scenery on the other hand is something I am still
 not used to.  Dry. Brown. Gray and dull.  Some days I see rabbits running in the front 
of the house next to the trees.  One day as I was driving home from the store I 
saw 7 deers.   I like all of that, but when evening comes and we are watching 
TV everything is dark.  I miss the sight of boats passing by!

We still do our Sunday outings, but maybe I'm spoilt.  It is still taking some time 
form me to get used to the restaurants here.  I will honestly say that the restaurants at
 home are better.  On the other hand Arvid says that the food here is very good.  
Go figure.  We have agreed to disagree.  On may as of things lately.

Sniffer is doing well. He loves it here. His favorite part of the evenings is sleeping 
between Arvid legs as we watch TV.  During the day he sharpens his hunting skills.  
I think he would make a good outdoor kitty.  So unlike Brutus.  

Brutus was an indoor boy.  Outside life was not for him. He was afraid of flies.
  My Brutus.  How I miss him.  I know Shadow would have also made an excellent hunter.
  He was fast and fearless.  My heart just can't seem to let go.  Memories fill my days. 
Sometimes it's overwhelming.  Last night I hardly slept. I just kept rewinding everything
 about Brutus.  How I miss him.  Arvid does as well.  Lately he talks about Brutus.

As a new day begins, I have no clue as to what it holds as yet.  That's good because
 right now I want it to just be quiet and relaxing. No running around.  Not that cold either.
Happy Wednesday, already halfway through the week.  Almost Friday.  Yay!!

Two things prevent us from happiness.  Living in the past and observing others.
In life yo keep your balance you have to keep moving, no matter what....