Dec 15, 2023

Friday December 15th~

 Happiness is found when you stop
 comparing yourself to other people...

Today is Music Walk downtown Fort Myers.  Just a brief 
 walk from our condo, but as of now we do not plan on going.
  Cold and rain predicted.  Sure not for Arvid and I.  We were
 also planning on going to Tampa to visit Nina and David,
 but it's not looking good.  Terrible weather coming😬

In the meantime I continue to enjoy Christmas all around us.
  And looking back at a few memories past I smile.  No matter what
 life has thrown my way, I am very fortunate and grateful for 
the life I have and for the loved ones in my life.

Yesterday as we facetimed with Michelle and our granddaughters, 
Sniff was asleep.  As soon as he heard us talking he comes running
 into the living room and wanting to be a part of Facetime. 

 Sniff was jealous of the time we spent talking to the girls. 
 He threw himself on Arvid's feet and demanded attention.   Arvid
 petted him as we Face timed.  Also Sniff wanted to be a part of it
 so he just plopped himself by the iPad and refused to move.  Not
 the first time he's doing this.  All I can say is he's my baby.

Yesterday was extremely windy.  More of the same today.
  South West Florida is a bit concerned for M15 and F23.
  We all pray that their eggs and them fare well during
 this thunderstorm/tornado that's predicted to come.

I just love M15 and F23.  I keep telling myself not to get too attached.
  To this day I think of my PR kitties and I really miss them and I always 
wonder about their fate.  I try not to "go" there, but sometimes my mind
 just wanders.  Same with my wildlife in Branson.  How I miss them.
  I don't miss the people that much, but my wildlife I do miss them.

The years may pass, but still, you stay. As near and 
dear as yesterday.  My memory never forgets.

Success is loving life and daring to live it...