Dec 14, 2023

Thursday December 14th~

The most important thing is to enjoy your 
life—to be happy—it's all that matters..

 Another day closer to Christmas, and even though we will
 not be doing much I still get to dress Sniff up, take a few pictures
 and have a good time with him.  I have to be fast because he does
 not sit still for long.  Like most cats, he rolls and struggles to get
 out of his costume.  Arvid always comforts Sniff when I'm done.  
Sniff of course runs to him, like as if he's hiding from me.
  A game we play all the time and we all enjoy it🎄.

It back to Florida weather again 😎.  Here in Fort Myers 
it is warm, but still cloudy.  We did not get the rain yesterday. 
Hopefully we will get some in the next few days.

Here at home I have three stockings out.  Since neither Arvid
 nor I want/need anything they all belong to Sniff-Sniff.

Sniff is "acting" up.  He's not eating any of his soft foodies yet he
 keeps crying all the time for food and just sits on his food mat crying 
and crying.  Arvid does not know but yesterday I tried several of his 
foodies to see if he would eat.  No luck.  Now I am going to be a little
 stressed.  Sniff is my baby and I can't bear to see him crying and crying
 for food.  Of course he has dry food 24-7  Arvid says I am overreacting,
 and he's probably right, but what can I say?  Sniff's my baby.

Still waiting for that promised rain.  The weather here in 
Fort Myers has been windy, very warm but still no rain.

A couple of soccer games today for Arvid, and a lot of 
cleaning for me.  Some days I would love to have Arvid cook
 lunch for me and then do all the cleanup.  Arvid has many 
talents, unfortunately cooking is not one of them😂

Life is so much easier with a sense of humor.
Good day to all and some more Florida humor .

A good laugh overcomes more difficulties and dissipates
 more dark clouds than any other one thing...