Dec 4, 2023

Monday December 4th ~ New Week

You may have to fight a battle more than
 once to win it.  Make today your masterpiece...

 December is already taking off.  Both Arvid and I
 have upcoming doctors appointments, but for me it's really 
an "easy" week as far as doctors go.  I guess I am nearing 
the end of my follow ups, and that sure feels really good.

Cruising through downtown.  Bright streets pretty cars.  
Everyone is ready to have a jolly December to remember.

Today Arvid and I take a trip into Fort Lauderdale to meet up
 with an friend.  I don't really care for the drive, but I look forward 
to going to The swap Shop and getting my coconuts and coconut water. 
 Also will be good to go to one of our very favorite restaurants.  

I can't really say if I miss living in Fort Lauderdale or not.  We are both 
liking it in Fort Myers right now, but I always worry that Arvid will 
get one of his "brilliant" ideas and our lives will be disrupted again.
Fort Lauderdale is always going to hold unforgettable memories.

For now it's nice to make the trip.  Do a few things we like and 
see friends.   We always say we will spend the night, but when the
 day comes, we realize we really don't want to spend the night. but
 I like it best when we turn around and drive back home, where 
Sniff is waiting and where our life is good.  Happy Monday all
 and may this be a productive and happy week for all of us.

All that being said, Fort Lauderdale is where 
Arvid and I have lived most of our lives in Florida. 
 It will always hold that special attraction and pull, 
no matter where we are.  So the question is are we 
moving back?  I just want stability and some.

Memories are timeless treasures of the heart.
 Happy times come and go, but the memories stay 
forever. A photograph keeps a moment from running
 away. A photograph is the pause button of life

Some memories are unforgettable, remaining 
ever vivid and heartwarming.   Nothing can ever
 take away a love the heart holds dear...