Dec 27, 2023

Wednesday December 27th ~

Embrace the rainy days and find beauty in the drops.
Rainy days are meant for curling up with a good book...

SWFL is wet and though we don’t all like rain it was a
 good thing for us.  It helps a little with the drought we have.  
Unfortunately, it was a difficult night for M15 and Lady (F23,
 but they made it and always protected their eggs.  We all wait 
in anticipation for their two eaglets to be born.  The count 
down has begun. Hopefully by the New Year if not 
before, eaglet number one will show its little face.

Arvid, Sniff and I have been taking it easy.  It’s not as
 if there was that much to do, unlike when we were in Branson.  
We never had a moment.  I don’t miss that busy lifestyle right now. 
 To be honest I don’t have the energy for it.  I am not 100% 
back to my “normal” self, but working on getting there.

Soccer is back on again. Truth be told, the only day there was 
no game was on Christmas Day. Sure made for a long day for
 Arvid. Sniff and I mostly took it easy.  Arvid found things
 to do. Let’s say the cars are nice and shiny right now. 

I still do everything at home, but now I am so tired after I’m done. 
This surgery really wiped me out more than the others. I think that 
my body is tired😳, but I do know how to lift my spirits🍓

My morning has not been that good so far, but the 
good thing is that the day is still young and there are
 many hours to make things a little better.  Starting with 
this awful headache.  I just wish it would go away.

Don't be down on yourself, your best days
 are ahead of you.  Always turn a negative
 situation into a positive situation...