Dec 11, 2023

New Week~ Monday December 11th

Christmas is the spirit of giving
 without a thought of getting...

 My sister is in Florida and will be here for two plus weeks.  
Nina and David have a home in Tampa and in Pennsylvania.
  The best of both worlds.  Looking forward to seeing them this  
 week. They got in on Friday for a wedding in West Palm Beach.  
A three day black tie event at a private island.  Nina was okay
 with it, David is still protesting that he had to wear a tuxedo😂

Back in Florida, good humor continues to keep me entertained.

Meanwhile Christmas in Florida is what it's all about. 
 Palm trees, sunshine, and a lot of pretty cars everywhere.

I shall repeat, it's the most wonderful time of the year.

At Christmas, you feel joy because you associate good
 things with the holiday. This is because your brain recognizes
 the previous joy of family time and the excitement 
of gifting as per the feelings you had as a child.

Sometimes a pretty drink is all it takes to make me happy.
New week is here again.  Before we know it 2023 is soon over. 
 A lot has happened this year, but once again we have so far made 
the best of it.  Life continues to throw us a curve ball every so often, 
but as they say if you don't swing you are never going to hit any.

Because the ultimate grade in life is not based on how far and
 fast we've walked the beam or how many things we've juggled
it's based on how much we've enjoyed the exercise😽

Life is a juggling act with your own emotions.
 The trick is to always keep something in 
your hand and something in the air...