Dec 21, 2023

Thursday December 21st ~

Of all the characteristics needed for both a happy 
and morally decent life, none surpasses gratitude...

 All I can say is that I am glad that yesterday is over.
  Yesterday I had what I hope is my last surgery for 2023.  I had
 the surgery for my sinus infection. I’ve had many surgeries, but
 this is definitely the worse I have ever felt after a surgery.  

There’s blood everywhere. From the inside of my mouth and 
dripping from my nose. Not a pretty sight at all. I feel crappy to say
 the least.  My throat hurts like hell. That’s because I was intubated
 for over an hour. Guess just precaution. Needless to say, swollen.

The staff told me they have never encountered a patient as 
happy as me going into surgery.  I was joking with them and 
even with the doctor whom I was told was very arrogant. No lies 
there, but I like him because he’s straight to the point. Just like me.  

When I did radiation the staff there also told me the same
 thing they said I was the happiest person that they have met
 during this process.  I was called a ray of sunshine.  

Truth it I was happy because I knew whatever I was going 
through would only make me feel better 😍. That being said,
 I’m also happy to not have anything else done to my body
 right now. I’m tired this surgery requires too much after
 care  and I’m not used to following instructions. 

 This time if I don’t I sure won’t like the consequences 🙈 
The day begins on a cooler note again but will warm up.  Arvid 
, the “Viking” in our home turned on the heat during this “cold” spell.
 The inside of our home was 73F (almost 23C), that was too cold for 
him so we turned the heat to 76F (almost 25C),  Nice and toasty.  For 
me a little too warm at times, but Sniff and Arvid are super happy 🙃

A good day to all. With each new day I am only going 
to get better. A few hiccups every once in a while, but then 
life is not a bed of roses. Grateful surgery went well.  Have 
to say because of the trickiness of it, I was a bit worried.

Everything has turned out satisfactorily, even 
though the outcome has been a bit worrisome...