Dec 10, 2023

Sunday December 10th

Life offers you so many doors, it is up to
 you which to open and which one to close...

As you can see I am all into the Christmas spirit.  Though
 Arvid and I do not do much decorating nor celebrating when on
 on our own, I never let that dampen my mood.  Christmas was
always a most beautiful part  of my childhood and will forever
 remain a special time for me.  Arvid or no Arvid.

Arvid and I continue to discover new places here
 in Fort Myers, and there is so much more to go.  Loving the 
idea of checking out a different place every Sunday.  Not all 
will be to our liking, but so far most have been.

Here in Florida we do not have as much to do as we did 
in Branson, Missouri.  In Branson we were constantly busy
 with Almost Home and The View.  Do I miss that busy time? 
 Not really, but I miss going to Almost Home and seeing 
everyone.  What I miss most in Branson is my wildlife.  
We make up for it by trying out different restaurants.

On a good day it's always nice to go to take the top down.

Happiness, not in another place but this place...