Dec 13, 2023

Wednesday December 13th~

Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face...

I find enjoyment and humor in just about everything.  What may
 be offensive to others I look at it differently.  I see it with humor
 rather that a "statement" trying to be made.  My life is better because 
of that.  I take nothing personally and I neve allow the opinions
 of others to influence me nor bother me.  Most of the times😂

The cold weather continues to prolong, but warming up all the time. 
 I know it's not what others will call cold, but if you live in Florida it's cold. 
 Fort Myers is in desperate need for some rain.  Unlike Fort Lauderdale we
 have not had much rain, and pretty soon we will be under a drought watch. 
If predictions are correct, we should have some  rain the next few days🤞

Arvid and I stay busy with a little this a little that. 
 Thank goodness there is a soccer game most days. 
 As Arvid says it kills a few hours of the day 😂

A good day to all.  It's getting closer and closer
 to Christmas day.  Also my mom's birthday.

In Florida we salt Margaritas not sidewalks...