Dec 19, 2023

Tuesday December 19th~

The willingness to consider possibility 
requires a tolerance of uncertainty...

 Time to bundle up and get warm.  Florida is cold today,
 at least here in Fort Myers it is.  Sniff takes no chances.
  His heating bed is kept warm all day long on these
 "cold" days.  He is after all, a Floridian😂

The weather here changes from minute to minute.  One has to be
 prepared for everything.  Adds a little extra excitement to the day😂

There are times in life that things happen, and we just cannot
 control them. There are times when we don't want things to happen, 
but they do. Things that we don't want to know, we learn.  A good day
 to all, and a reminder that sometimes we just have to let things be.

Whisper words of wisdom, let it be...