Dec 22, 2023

Friday December 22nd ~

You'll never do a whole lot unless you're brave enough to try...

 Most likely we will not be going downtown this Friday either.  
This time it's because of me.  I don't feel so good and I would 
hate to freak people out with blood dripping from my face.  
The thought makes me want to do it, but we won't 😂

Watching TV and reading is what I have been doing the 
last two days.  Now I am bored, more so because I do not like
 being treated as a cripple.  Arvid has good intentions, but I am not 
used to asking for help or anything.  I like to do it all by myself,
 but he wants to help so I won't complain.  One thing I did
 ask him to do and that was to make lunch.  Those who 
know Arvid knows that cooking is not his forte.

Sniff was scared of me the fist day because of all the 
wrappings around my face, but now he seems to have gotten 
over it.  He still goes to Arvid first, then looks at me and goes
 back to lay with Arvid.  At least he's not running away from
 me.  The first day was most likely due to the hospital 
smell on me as well as the face gear of course.

Swallowing is still a little difficult right now, but I'm 
sure in the next few days I will be just fine again.  I have to be
 most careful when taking in fluids.  I use a straw and swallow
 very slowly.  Not used to that, but one adjusts as needed.

A new day begins and its one day closer to feeling "normal"
 again. As they say, one day closer.  One day stronger.

Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation...