Jun 27, 2015

Changes Coming...

It only takes one person to change your life...you...

Like it or not change is here. Yes, same sex marriage is now legal in the United States. 
A very big and much awaited event for many.  Me I have no objections with it. As far
 as I am concerned we are all the same and we deserve the same rights, 
privileges and benefits. That being said I am happy.

  Many do not agree with this ruling, but hey life is like that, you don't have to agree 
or like everything but showing tolerance and kindness towards your 
fellow human being is for sure not such a big deal is it?

Today in Fort Lauderdale we had quite a downpour as usual when it rains it rains
 hard and fast and also just like that it goes away.  Hurricane season after all has 
already begun and summer in Florida is usually hot and rainy

Lots of cleaning up to do today.  The good thing is that we get to move everything and 
do a proper "spring"'cleaning even if it's a little late.  Better late than never

I'm very disappointed because Brutus' paw is acting up again. Has not even been 10 days 
without the pill and he's already starting to open up in several places.  Am I stressed?  You bet I am.

Hopefully today Arvid and I get to do something fun. Last night we had plans, but the
 window installer took so long that by the time we cleaned up and made the place
 dust free for Brutus to come back outside we were just too tired to go anywhere.

Even so we had a relaxing time at home watching movies and of course soccer.
Somehow there is always a soccer game so we try to work around it. Arvid
Works hard and TV relaxes him very much.

Well time to continue doing my chores and hopefully get quite a lot done.  
Was hoping to go to the mall today, but not so.  Maybe a little next weekend.  

Enjoy your Saturday everyone and as my niece Reshma said, "a new era has begun."

Be the change that you wish to see in the world...