Jun 13, 2015


For years I used to try and straighten my hair, but I've reached a stage where I think,
 "I've got curly hair and it's actually really great"...

Woke up without wanting to do much today.  Was just the right setting for a relaxing day
 at home, but like with all good plans it did not happen that way.  Good thing that was.  

Today found me driving along Las Olas Blvd.  Our old stomping grounds.  It was fun.
The streets are already set for July 4th.  Flags and flags everywhere.

My hair as everyone has seen and know is extremely curly.  I do something 
called the Ouidad haircut and I use the Ouidad products.

This is a special haircut for curly hair created by a woman for women with curly hair.  
She knows what it is like to have to manage that much hair.  I have been having this cut for 
several years now.  My stylist Adriana is the only person I trust to cut my hair.  
She just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy so is on leave for a few months.

Desperately in need of a hair cut, I have been in search for a salon that does this.  Luckily I found
 one not far from us.  Hence my trip to Las Olas to Chadwick and Igor.  I met with Chadwick 
and told him I would like to tame my hair.  He looks at me and says,"why?"  Made me
 quiet for a few seconds.  Bottom line Chadwick refused to do much to may hair
 saying that it was just perfect.  Of course this made my day, but still left me 
with the problem of how to tame my hair a little.

Chadwick and Igor played around a little with my hair and came to the conclusion that
all I needed was a little shaping to my so called unruly curls.  Appoint set so will see how it goes.
Really hope Adriana comes back soon.  She knows my hair better than anyone else.

Had a little trip to the mall.  Yes, The Galleria Mall is my favorite.  The food court
has been under renovation now for quite some time and still is.  Construction going on all
over the beach area so makes for lots of traffic.  Good thing is that the snowbirds are all gone 
so traffic moves a little better, unfortunately the drawbridge still goes up way too often.

Another soccer tournament has begun.  Happy days again are here for Arvid.
Copa America is here and once again Arvid's days are filled with soccer.

As for Brutus he is still on medication.  His paw is still not healed, but it is not getting 
any worse either.  Me, I'm content to be home, relax and just read a little.

Yesterday was such a busy day, so it's nice to actually have a day without
too much running around. Yes, we will be relaxing the rest of this Saturday for sure.

To all a good day and hopefully you are also enjoying some nice relaxing times.

Ah! There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort...