Jun 22, 2015

Monday Again...

It's Monday.  Don't forget to be awesome....

You know what we love about Monday mornings?  We get to Skype with our 2 grand-
daughters, Michelle and Emil.  Arvid and I look forward to this day with great anticipation
 and we are never disappointed.  Just seeing their little faces and these 
big eyes looking at us makes Monday mornings special.

So far the rest of the day was pretty much predictable.  Lots to do and even
more so because soon we will be leaving for Norway.  Taking care of our shipping
 business, and making sure everything is in order before we go.  Still have a container or two
that needs to be shipped.  Just waiting for all the merchandise to show up.  Also and very important
is to make sure we get paid for our services and to pay our debts.  Nothing worse than owing.

Today for lunch I tried something new for me.  As usual I always make 2 things.
One for Arvid one for me.  His was salmon and shrimp and for me I tried the
 crab cakes made from scratch.  They were delicious and can't wait to make them soon again.
The crab meat I got from steaming the crab legs.  Still have one left so maybe tonight.

Still lots to do so until next time.  Wishing you all a good remaining of the day.

Wake up.
Kick Ass.
Be Kind.