Jun 2, 2015

Long Day...

No amount of sleep can cure the tiredness I feel...

It is 5pm here in Florida, and only now I have been able to sit down and actually open 
up my laptop.  It has been one of those days again.  Lots of running and lots
 to do right here at home.  I will admit to being exhausted right now.

Combined with all the chores (not a problem), what mentally wears me out
is the fact that Brutus is not doing good.  Once again today 
we took him to the vet for additional blood work.

It feels good to sit down have a cup of tea and nibble on some fruit.  
Relaxing and very peaceful right now.  The house is quiet.  
Arvid is out and Brutus resting peacefully.

Hope everyone has had a good day so far.  Soon pill time again for Brutus.

Not a happy kitty right now and neither are we, but life is complicated.

Life is very complicated at times, so don't try to find out all
the answers.  Because when you find answers life changes the questions..