Jun 30, 2015


Taking care of business everyday.  Taking care of business every way.
We've been taking care of business and working over time

Just like the song says, that's exactly what we are doing right now.  Today we have our
last shipment to Norway before the summer begins.  Whatever is left at the warehouse 
will be done when we get back home. Going to miss theses weekly trips to Miami.

Have a lot of foodies for the kitty at the warehouse, so just hope she's there.  I've bought
 her a food bowl, water bowl, treats, canned food and a big bag of dry food. This way there 
is no reason for her to go hungry while we are in Norway.  Makes me feel better already.

 Today I was awake very early with Brutus.  He just keeps running away from me because he knows
that I will grab him and give him his medicine.  He really hates it, but knows its coming.
Good morning everyone.  It's already Tuesday and I need to get busy.

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard...