Jun 10, 2015

Little Of Everything...

Accept that everything worthwhile is challenging..

Floating around FB for the last couple of days was this:

Sure caught my attention.  Made me laugh, and I even found the right moment to 
share it with Arvid.  Those who know Arvid well, know that it is not always easy to show
him anything.  One has to seek the right moment and grab it.  Sometimes not always possible.

Wednesday started out stormy, and still is.  We have already had some rain and the 
thunder just keeps rolling in.  Brutus is not sure if he is afraid or not.  You see a long time
ago in Chicago Arvid "taught" Brutus to not be afraid of thunder.  Took some time, but it happened.

Did a few of my running around chores already.  Today found me going to Bed Bath and
Beyond, The Whole Food Store, Publix (our grocery store) and the post office.  Arvid only eats 
bread from The WF Store got that and a few other yummies.  Temptation is always present there. 

Soon time to finish up with lunch.  Everyday I make two different meals.  Yes, we both
eat different.  Today Arvid eats lasagna.  I will have a chicken salad.

And we are both happy. Cleaning up.. that's a whole different story.
To all a very good day, and remember life should not be lived with eyes shut.

Life is a big canvas, so throw all the paint on it you can...