Jun 24, 2015

Today's Thought...

There can be no happiness if the things we believe in
 are different from the things we do..

And with this thought in mind, don't forget that you also need some time for yourself.
The world is busy, we are busy, but there is always room for a little quiet and down time.
We all should try to take even if it's just 5 minutes a day and just sit down and do nothing.

Yesterday I needed a little of that.  Five minutes and a cu of tea and I was all
ready to go again.  Nothing like some tea in the afternoon to soothe a person. 

Mango flavored tea was what it was.  Well not much time to spare right now.
Lots to do and not enough time, so until next time wishing you all a great day.

The happiest people are those who are too busy to notice whether they are or not...