Jun 3, 2015

Too Early For Me...

Do you ever just wake up and go "NOPE"
...and roll over back to sleep...

Was lying awake in bed since 1:30am  Not sure why, but sleep is not easy to come anymore. 
There was a time I would sleep in the blink of an eye.  Sure would like those days to
 come back.  Stayed in bed until 4:30, and then decided that it was no use, so Brutus 
and I got up and here we are exhausted, puffy eyes yet unable to sleep.

Brutus had no trouble catching up on more sleep.  He loves when we watch
over him.  Then he's relaxed and happy.  Sleeps even better when we watch over him.

I woke up to lots of rain.  We went to sleep with lots of rain.  Guess now everything
 will be nice and clean outside.  Pity I did not think of leaving my car on the
 outside parking, would have had a free car wash.  In Florida no matter how 
much you wash your car it still gets dirty fast.  Dust everywhere. 

I know the day will be busy because Arvid says he has tons to do.  
Means I will definitely be on the move as well. 

Have already had my cafe and I think I am pretty tired already.  Maybe today I 
will do something I have almost never done.  May take a nap at some point in the day.

Good morning everyone.  The sun is not out as yet.  Pretty dark out there, 
but the rain has eased off.  Will be a good day either way.

Happy Wednesday all.
Halfway to Friday.  No turning back now...