Jun 12, 2015

Hello Weekend....

You know what I want to do? Wake up one weekend,
 and not have to go anywhere and do nothing...

Soon the weekend officially begins.  So far nothing much scheduled, but I know that can
 change within minutes.  Since last night, Arvid has already started to ask me if I 
think we should do the music scene.  Right now I'm just waking up so still have
 some time to consider it.   Lots to do today so depending on how tired
 we are later on in the day is what will influence our decision.

Everyone knows that Florida is HOT in the summer, well summer seems to have been 
here already for months.  Doing chores yesterday with lots of running in and out of 
the car was exhausting.   Exhausting because of the heat.  Sure wears one out 
and it it definitely does not help any that after a few minutes of this,
 one is soaking wet with perspiration.  Boy do we need a change soon. 

 Hopefully this year in Norway we will have better temperatures.  Last year it was even 
hotter there than the worst summer in Florida.  At least here in Florida
 we have AC.  Not so in Norway as a rule.

As I am writing this I have to remind myself that the grass is not always greener
on the other side.  Maybe I have to remind myself also to be more appreciative of my 
surroundings and to appreciate all the goodness life has given to me rather than focus on the 
mundane.  I do, but boy the heat is something I find intolerable.

The day is cloudy with rain predicted.  With the work we do a lot depends today on
the weather.  Hopefully no rain right now.   Dark clouds OK, rain not welcome.  Not today.

Good morning everyone.  In just a few hours we can all kick back and relax. 
 For some this is already happening.  Like they say it is 5 o'clock somewhere already.

It is officially too hot when the lure of jumping in a cold pool is finally stronger
than the horror I feel when I see myself in a swimsuit...